Yeh Pikat Waterfall

A Mini Canyon Of Taro

Yeh Pikat Is One Of Water Sources Available Around Taro Village.It”s Not Just A Regular Water Spring, Because The Villagers Believe It Has  A Healing And Purification Power.Yeh Pikat Holy Water Spring Also Has An Important Role For Local Rituals And Ceremonies, Especially During Cremation. One Of So Many Ritual Within The Creamation Process Is To Obtain A Holy Water From A Natural Springs To Purify The Dead So The Spirit Can Be Purified And United With The Sources Of This Life “Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa” The Almighty God. This Ceremony Is Called Memanah, Where All The Symbolic Deceased Is Brought To The River And Get Purification Ceremony At The Yeh Pikat. The Process Is Accompanied With Angklung And Gong (Balinese Music Instrumental Set)


Another Unique Fact About Balinese River Is Campuhan. A Campuhan Is A Mixture Of 2 River Flows. Whenever 2 River Meets, At That Very Junction Is Also Believed Having A Magical Power To Cleanse The Human Spirit From Bad Influences Called Sadripu. The 6 Enemies Lies In Every Human Beings. They Are Kama (Desire), Loba (Greed), Krodha (Anger), Moha (Confusion), Mada (Arrogance) And Matsarya (Jealousy).

A Campuhan Can Physically Cleanse The Human Body, But Its Mystical Effect Can Help Us To Gain Positive Energy. So That Is Why, The Existence Of A Campuhan Is Very Crucial In Balinese Way Of Life. And This Campuhan Is Available In Yeh Pikat Rivers.


Within A Walking Disatance, We Can Find A Natural Waterfall In Yeh Pikat River Area. The Waterfall Is Hiden Between Splited Rock Which Shape Like A Canyon. Every Body Will Be Amazed To Go Through This Gigantic Natural Experience. After A 2 Minutes Walk Or So, We Can See The Waterfall At The End Of The River Banks. It Has Around 6 Meters High And Decorated With Carved Wall Around It.

Once You Are Here, You Will Never Want To Leave.